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Business of Moms

At AIRE one of my goals in life is to help Moms start, grow and run their business. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I understand it can be scary, we are here to help take some of those fears away. If we all work together we can help Moms take control of their future and set their kids up for a better future.

I started AIRE Consultants after I had stayed home with the kids doing daycare out of my house for 11 years. I left the corporate world working for Nike in payroll to have my kids and be present for them. When I tried to go back to work in the corporate world I found it very hard to get my foot in the door again. With my background,I bet on me and took my future into my own hand and started AIRE. I want to make it easier for Moms to do whatever it is that they are interested in. Whether that is going back to work, starting a business or simply planning better for the future. We are here to help!

Just starting a business? Join us over in the Facebook Group and ask any questions you might have…there are no dumb questions. If you have the question, chances are someone else did at some point too.

Already have an established business? Join us in the Facebook Group to connect and offer your expertise to those that need it. We are in this together! List your business in the BOM directory for free here.

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Virtual Meetups to connect, learn and grow! If you are interested in presenting at a meetup shoot me a message and let’s get it set up.

Business of Moms presented by AIRE, podcast! Interested in being a guest talking about business and motherhood? Let’s do it!