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Tools + Resources + Recommendations

What you can expect on this Tools & Resources page. Quick links to business forms you will need to run your business successfully. Recommendations to business partners I trust and referrals to tools I use and recommend to others to help run their life and business successfully.

Directory of trusted business partners.

Preferred Tools and Partners


Reserve your domain name: Namecheap is an easy and fast way to grab your domain before someone else does πŸ˜‰

Purchase your website hosting: Bluehost. I have tried a few hosting softwares as a non-developer. This I have found to be the most user friendly. Great if you want to start a blog or business website.

Set up your accounting software: Freshbooks, set up your accounting software before you think you need it. I have cleanup/caught up so many clients. You will save yourself a headache by at least getting your software set up and the bank feeds set up.

Payroll for your business: Gusto is an amazingly easy payroll software. I recommend it to all of my accounting clients. You go through the set up, run your payroll and Gusto will submit all of your taxes, reports and forms. They take care of all of it and have great customer service too!

Collecting Sales Tax?: If you are selling products you need to use TaxJar. With the recent changes to nexus and online selling this is the program you want to use. It will track your sales and let you know which state and how much sales tax you need to remit.

Easy Design: Canva makes it easy to create marketing graphics for all your needs. I use it daily to create instagram posts.